Music‘ was the art chosen for the great premiere of the series “What would the world be without?” for being one of the most ancestors and one that probably exerts a greater influence on all humanity!

And to treat the subject we could count on an illustrious presence! We went to Portugal, where we invited Zé Manel (Darko), one of the youngest and most promising authors of his generation, to talk about the existence of music.


About Darko

A multi-faceted artist, Zé Manel, besides a great musician, demonstrates that his capacities go through various forms of artistic expression! He has already ventured into literature, having written the novel ‘Inquietude’, in performing arts, acting in the play ‘Amor mau’ and also, writer and protagonist of the short film ‘Amar demais’.

For 8 years he was the leader of the band Fingertips, with which he won first place in the Portuguese billboard through the singles “Melancholic Ballad“, “‘Cause to love you” and “Do it (Magic colors)”. The band’s repertoire also includes songs like “Picture of my own”, soundtrack of the biggest commercial made in Portugal until then, “Move Faster” or “You’re gone”.

In 2011, he started a solo career with the Darko project, which includes hits such as “Define Joy”, “Para nunca mais (acordar)”, soundtrack of the Portuguese novel “Louco Amor”. He has represented Portugal at the Canadian Music Week in 2012.

His musical work has been recognized in tracks of novels, films, advertisements, radios, Youtube – where he has won 1,000,000 views. It has already been nominated for 3 golden globes.

Last year, Darko presented singles like “Março”, in partnership with Pedro Chagas Freitas, “Junho”, with Bárbara Branco and “Novembro”, anticipating “OFF”, their third album of originals – the first one entirely in Portuguese – with special participation of José Cid, Tozé Brito, Luísa Sobral and Leigh Nash, lead singer of Sixpence none the richer. It will be released this year along with a book and a documentary on the emotional calendar of the composer and performer. This is also the year that marks the return of the musician to the Fingertips for a celebration of 15 years of career.

You can listen to all the songs mentioned in this post by clicking on the names and many others.
Access the channel Darkoonline on Youtube.
Official site: darkoonline.com
Personal blog: debicho.com

And for you, what would the world be without music? Tell us in the comments.


Learn more about this unprecedented On•Z project

‘What would the world be without?’ is a documentary series about the eleven most present arts nowadays.

On•Z and Weedoo Studio of Arts and Films have developed this project, which counts on the participation of artists of different nationalities, so that we can understand the importance of the arts, not only in Brazil but worldwide. This series is born with the intention of making us reflect on the influence caused by each art, both in the development of humanity throughout the ages and their impact on the life of each human being, and in the transformation of the world and society as a whole , leaving the question in the air so that each one tries to answer individually: “WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE WITHOUT?” [the arts].

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