What would the world be without? | Documentary to be released on February 15th

“What is art? Why does it exist? What for?”

For some it is indispensable and without it life would have no meaning. Others, however, feel that they are not affected by it and that nothing would change, in their lives, if it did not exist.

There are innumerable opinions about it and often contradictory but why is it that since humanity exists, the art exists?

Trying to respond to this ancient mystery, On • Z and Weedoo Studio of Arts and Films, produced a documentary series where the invited artists, of the eleven most present arts in our lives, today, talk about how art impacts their lives and how they see the changes that their art has caused in the human being and in the world.

“What would the world be without?” Is a documentary series of 11 episodes (each season) where each episode focuses on an art: cinema, photography, music, literature, performing arts, digital arts, painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion and gastronomy. The documentary proposes a reflection on the importance of the arts in the evolution of the world and in the history of the human being asking us to imagine what the world would look like if each of the eleven arts did not exist.

Do not miss the premiere on February 15th!


Cineasta. Fotógrafa. Atriz. Amante das artes, da natureza e do ser humano!

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