Cinema is of the arts that hold a greater power of communication and transformation, among those that exist, since it is undeniable that through it we can know different cultures and peoples, innumerable realities present or of distant times. There are countless works carried out around the world that end up influencing the intellectual formation of much of the humanity that watches them. In the making of a cinematographic work we find a set of arts (literature, photography, painting, music, performing arts …) that by uniting in a way so peculiar and harmonious, allow us to watch the phenomenon we usually call “magic” [of cinema].

To talk about the importance of this unparalleled art we invite Tristan Aronovich, Brazilian filmmaker who shared some of his vision on the importance of cinema in the cultural development of humanity. Among his major works are the following national and international films: “Elite Squad 2” (member of the second unit direction team), “Far West” (as an actor and producer), “Wireless” and “Anyone Out There” (both as director, actor, producer, composer and screenwriter).

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Tristan Aronovich in focus

Musician, actor, director, producer, screenwriter. Tristan performs all these arts with dedication and manages to reunite them through the “magic of the cinema”.
At the age of 20, he won fourth place in the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA – one of the most important guitar contests in the world today).

In 2000 he moved to the USA to attend a bachelor’s degree in guitar at Arizona State University with an integral scholarship by the invitation of Frank Koonce (guitarist). In the same year, he received an invitation to study acting and direction at the California Institute of the Arts. He produced two feature films in Los Angeles (“Far West” and “Chasing Life”). he was also invited and studied in Harvard University, Stetson University and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

Tristan founded, in São Paulo, a school of acting and direction specialized in the method of physical actions, of Stanislavsky. He teaches acting and directing classes using techniques by Stella Adler, Michael Chekhov, Sanford Meisner and Stanislavsky himself.

As a director, he has signed the films “Wireless”, winner of the Canada International Film Festival 2010 Film Excellence Award, and “Anyone Out There”, winner of the Curator’s Choice Award at the 11th edition of Boston Latino International Film Festival (BLIFF). His most recent work is the film “Black and White”, still unpublished.

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‘What would the world be without?’ is a documentary series about the eleven most present arts nowadays.

On•Z and Weedoo Studio of Arts and Films have developed this project, which counts on the participation of artists of different nationalities, so that we can understand the importance of the arts, not only in Brazil but worldwide. This series is born with the intention of making us reflect on the influence caused by each art, both in the development of humanity throughout the ages and their impact on the life of each human being, and in the transformation of the world and society as a whole , leaving the question in the air so that each one tries to answer individually: “WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE WITHOUT?” [the arts].

Produtor, Ator e Diretor (nem sempre nesta ordem). Carinho especial pela arte da gastronomia. :)

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