Painting as well as dancing is one of the oldest known arts. It emerged in prehistory and had the important function to register dangerous situations. The labels were made with the hands, using fruits, insects and other pigments extracted from the nature, as ink.

As time went by, the painting developed as a technique, gaining specific tools. The registration function has remained as a very important thing until the invention of photography in the nineteenth century. From then on, it was gaining increasingly strong status of art.

Even today, it can be said that painting is a way of representing the world under the artist’s eye. No longer attached to the accuracy of other times, painters are able to portray the world in a unique way, using abstract forms for example, with or without colors imparting sensations that make their works alive.

In the 6th episode of “What would the world be without?” we have invited to the great artist Alessandra Barbierato. Her creations reveal the deep essence of the human being, thus discarding the superficial layers.


Alessandra Barbierato

From São Paulo, Barbierato is a product designer graduated at the Fine Art College in São Paulo, a Bachelor of Arts degree at USP and an artist. She studied drawing and painting in the studio of Professor José Paulo de Latorre.

Her work, often with huge dimensions, focuses on the human being and seeks to transfer to the canvas sensations such as anguish, anxiety, violence, despair and loneliness.

Her incredible collection has already passed through the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts to Carrousel du Louvre, Paris – France, Museum of New Art in Pärnu – Estonia, and many others in Brazil and Europe.

In 2017 Weedoo Studio of Arts And Films had the opportunity to develop a film as a business card for Alessandra’s work. The whole aesthetic concept was based on her paintings to give the feeling of immersion in the world of the artist. Know the result:



Visit the Alessandra’s blog to learn more about her work.


Learn more about this unprecedented On•Z project

‘What would the world be without?’ is a documentary series about the eleven most present arts nowadays.

On•Z and Weedoo Studio of Arts and Films have developed this project, which counts on the participation of artists of different nationalities, so that we can understand the importance of the arts, not only in Brazil but worldwide. This series is born with the intention of making us reflect on the influence caused by each art, both in the development of humanity throughout the ages and their impact on the life of each human being, and in the transformation of the world and society as a whole , leaving the question in the air so that each one tries to answer individually: “WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE WITHOUT?” [the arts].

Produtor, Ator e Diretor (nem sempre nesta ordem). Carinho especial pela arte da gastronomia. :)

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