Dance is the art of body movement. And just like the other arts is a form of expression. It can be a form of communication where feelings are expressed, knowledge is acquired, used as therapy or as leisure, performed simply for pleasure.

It arose in prehistory and was practiced on several occasions, in moments of joy or in moments of sadness and, also, in tribute to Mother Nature.

It is a very complete art for uniting artistic elements like music, theater, painting, sculpture, fashion, and today, even cinema.

It is one of the three major performing arts that has influenced societies over time, providing knowledge about cultural diversity of different nations around the world.

In the 5th episode of “What would the world be without?”, On • Z invited Marina Popova, russian professional dancer, to share her personal opinion on this incredible art.



Marina on the Move

Born in the city of Cheliabinsk, Siberia, in 1986 in the then Soviet Union, she lived most of her life in an oil city in that country, called Tyumen.

While athlete Marina Popova collects enviable achievements, and has already been awarded in her home country with the title of “Master in Sport”. Already national champion of the modality of Sport Dance of the Russian Federation in the year of 1999, and of Portugal Ranking in 2011.

From a very early age, growing up in a family connected to the arts, Marina Popova is graduated in pedagogy and dance, studies that concluded with the attribution of “red diploma”, which is the highest distinction in university level existing in the education system of her origin country.

Marina Popova, lives for over 10 years in Portugal, where she founded her dance school. With dozens of dancers from the competitive area, Marina Popova has successfully performed countless shows with the peculiarity of not only showing the competition choreography of the Sports Dance disciplines, but also choreographies by the most varied dance genres in which she is graduated.

In front of the positive acceptance in her shows, she created a professional dance company, “Companhia de Dança Marina Popova “, in parallel with her school, with the objective of creating and producing dance shows, to respond the growing demand by the public, increasing the quality of the work developed betting on professional human and artistic means.

I like mixing arts … Dance with Theater, because in every dancer there has to be an actor to play the roles … Cinema with Dance!

The company’s latest work, “O Pássaro de Fogo Re-Imaginado”, brings Marina in the choreographic direction. As it is already its trademark, the progress of the piece is characterized by the union of multiple dance genres (Classical, Lyric, Contemporary, Flamenco, Jive, Jazz, Funk, Waltz, Rumba, Double Step, Charleston, Swing, etc). The show breaks with what today would be considered traditional and illustrates this fantasy world not with the original composition of Stravinsky, but with a musical selection that has marked the pop/rock sonority of the last decades.



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‘What would the world be without?’ is a documentary series about the eleven most present arts nowadays.

On•Z and Weedoo Studio of Arts and Films have developed this project, which counts on the participation of artists of different nationalities, so that we can understand the importance of the arts, not only in Brazil but worldwide. This series is born with the intention of making us reflect on the influence caused by each art, both in the development of humanity throughout the ages and their impact on the life of each human being, and in the transformation of the world and society as a whole , leaving the question in the air so that each one tries to answer individually: “WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE WITHOUT?” [the arts].

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