Among the various artistic areas of humanity we find architecture. Its name has Greek origin: arché (first or main) and tékton (construction). It brings a mix of art and science when designing functional buildings that are also inspired by aesthetics and harmony of proportions.

Directly linked to human evolution, architecture came into existence to protect human beings from predators and natural phenomena. As civilizations settled down, architecture was developing and gaining new roles, such as interconnecting cities, transporting groceries, consolidating religious beliefs, and even evolving aesthetic sense and contemporary trends.

Portuguese architect Ilídio Pina is the guest artist of the 9th episode of “What Would the World Be Without?”, where he presents his personal look at the important art of architecture.


Ilídio Pina

Born in Lisbon on March 1, 1951, after the war, Ilídio Pina grew up in a difficult time of his country (Portugal) that was living in a dictatorial regime, which lasted until 1974.

Still in 1972 he was called to fulfill military service but he was not summoned for Ultramar War because in 1974 the change of the political direction of the country put an end to the war, since it left a long period of dictatorship and finally became a democracy.

It was soon after the revolution of April 25, which ended the dictatorship, that Ilidio Pina began his attempt to continue his studies but with the ongoing revolutionary process the schools did not function properly. So he moved from a job he had in social security to a new position in a national bank in 1982, and that same year he was able to enter the college of architecture.

Finally, in 1986 he began to practice the art of architecture, in parallel with the teaching of the visual arts, until 2011, the year in which he retired.

His last architectural work was his own house.
Since always a lover of the arts, today he lives completely connected with music and literature.



Learn more about this unprecedented On•Z project

‘What would the world be without?’ is a documentary series about the eleven most present arts nowadays.

On•Z and Weedoo Studio of Arts and Films have developed this project, which counts on the participation of artists of different nationalities, so that we can understand the importance of the arts, not only in Brazil but worldwide. This series is born with the intention of making us reflect on the influence caused by each art, both in the development of humanity throughout the ages and their impact on the life of each human being, and in the transformation of the world and society as a whole , leaving the question in the air so that each one tries to answer individually: “WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE WITHOUT?” [the arts].

Cineasta. Fotógrafa. Atriz. Amante das artes, da natureza e do ser humano!

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